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Food Waste – Apps

Love Food Hate Waste – The App

While having a casual look on the App Store I came across some useful Apps that aim to reduce food waste in our homes. The Apps provide information on recipes that can me easily made from leftovers, The user is able to drag in the foods they have left in order to get recipe suggestions.

The App also provides a cookbook for the user. As the app provides knowledge into what could be made from the scraps this in turn will reduce food waste in the household and allows households to experiment more. The App has the ability keep track of shopping lists as well so that things duplicate ingredients are no bought when food shopping.

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Love Your Leftovers – The App

Another app that is available to the public for free is the Love Your Leftovers App which opens doors to experimentation within the kitchen. As this App encourages people it takes away the fear of the unknown by providing some direction to what things could be made from leftovers.

We had spoken about creating a kit as such that would provide people with the knowledge and equipment to be more encouraged not to be as wasteful.

This App does that but In a digital ways it would be worth while looking and how these Apps achieve their goal by trying them out so that we might find inspiration when concreting our help pack.

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Reflection –

It would have been nice to create an app based on food waste but for the purpose of the brief I wanted to have something more animation related. This could be a game or animation to represent what we have been learning on the course and within our placements and we felt like a better way of presenting what we had learned would be demonstrated through another output.

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