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Workshop – Get Agile VL Steve Stopps

Our creative futures class took a different turn than usual and we were provided with a workshop by Steve Stopps that would teach us project management schemes such as Agile and Scrum. The day was a very interesting day and we learned a lot, I had previously used scrum before on my placement with Arachnid but it was surprising how much I had missed that I was able to pick up on in this class.

The day involved a series of talks from Steve followed by class wide exercises that started of as all of the class together trying to process a series of 120 ping pong balls through everyones hands returning to the original person before it could be processed this illustrated a lot of team work, laughs and innuendos and was a fantastic giggle. The processing worked in phases giving us time to come up with a quick plan and try it again and again it was an exercise meant for us to fail in order ti improve.

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The next series of tasks was to actually use what we had learned in a group scrum and build a holiday beach resort from lego after a brain storm of what might be included in a holiday beach resort we then made a giant list of the assets and formed teams and decided which teams might create each asset when this was done we worked using scrum to create each part of the holiday resort which was assessed during every phase some things were sent back from revision but showed the effect this had on the scrum when more than one task had to be carried out because something was not originally done correctly.

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