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Dirty Scene, Dirty Mind

We had a very interested class called dirty scene, dirty mind and a name like that is going to catch anyones attention. The class focused of the pure world of pain that occurs when a scene is not named correctly and geometry is an absolute sham. I have first hand witnessed this pain when I have had a dirty scene and not named things thinking I have an everlasting memory I can confirm I do not.

Although one thing more annoying than that is obtaining a scene from a co worker and forgetting our crystal ball the scene becomes almost impossible to work with and so much time is wasted guessing what things are or correcting dodgy geometry before you can begin your original task at hand.

We wen’t through proper naming conventions and how to tidy things up and in turn hopefully if we have a clean scene then we will also have a clean mind to work on it. Various notes on this class are in my notebook of doom for when I go to mess up a scene again I might just remember this class.

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This entry was posted on October 17, 2015 by in Final Year - Creative Futures.
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