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BBC – Excuses Workshop

The BBC came in and gave us a pretty awesome talk about what the project was all about and exactly we what we would need to do. We were shown examples from the previous years which were awesome and we were told why we would be doing this its not just a competition but a way of bringing awareness to the TV licensing scheme and how abuse of this scheme and its staff members are detrimental to the television industry.

We were provided with the list of excuses from our area that the project would be based on for us to create our animations which were –

  • My wife said she told me twenty times last week to sort out the TV licence. I swear I never listen to a word she says – why should that be any different when it’s about the TV Licence?

  • My mum was going to buy me a licence for Christmas. We fell out and she spent the money instead on a holiday to Benidorm

  • I cannot find my licence and will ring Foyle Search and Rescue to find it.

  • I don’t watch TV – I just leave it on for security.

  • I didn’t think I needed a licence because I’m not from around here. I’m from somewhere else.

  • I have a black and white licence. I only turn the colour on when my granddaugher comes and puts the music channels on, then I turn the colour off when she has gone.

  • Customer: I don’t use the TV | EO: But you’ve got a satellite dish on your roof | Customer: I’ve also got milk on my doorstep but it doesn’t mean I’ve got a cow in my garden.

Some of the examples we were shown included the following:

Feature image taken from –


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