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The European Refugee Crisis and Syria Explained – Animated Infographic

I stumbled across this animation which caught my attention because one it looks pretty and two it explains what I need to know about this crisis in a basic way that even I will understand. So basically what I can gather from this is that the Crisis involved the following facts:

  • It started due to civil war.
  • The camps are crowded, Under supplied, people suffer from cold, hunger and disease.
  • Many states refuse to take in refugees, border states are having to deal with it because of their proximity.
  • ISIS moved in and tried to convert everyone and started a war using chemical weapons and everything else pure evil.
  • Most of the support for asylum seekers is from citizens not politicians.
  • 4 Million Refugees.
  • Countries will not allow access to asylum seekers out of fear of religion, uneducated people, changing the country they live in, birth rate and taking over and increase in crime.
  • Interesting fact of refugees travelling with smart phones has raised the issue that people do not really believe that they need help at all.
  • Social Media and Internet has become a useful part of being a refugee for GPS, facebook groups give hints and tips about obstacles.


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