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Fireplace App – Illusion Of Warmth

Okay so I got into thinking about how some of these refugee’s use smartphones to post ahead of dangers at borders and they also use the GPS to find places on the way. I was thinking if they have access to smartphones then they have access to Apps and Apps mean another portal to helping these people has just been opened. One of the issues these people suffered from was cold and I can’t exactly change the temperature of a country using an App but I could give the illusion. A friend of mine showed me this App on his TV that was a loop of a fire featuring the crackling sounds that come along with it, I’m not going to lie but the appearance and sound of a fire constantly being presented within your proximity eventually give you the illusion of being warm. It has been done before but still food for thought on this one.

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This entry was posted on September 21, 2015 by in Final Year - Week Zero.
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