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End Of Semester Thoughts…

As it would seem it’s now all over for second year its been an extremely fast semester never mind year although at times I thought that it was never going to end. Now that it’s over I can say that I did learn a lot after all working in client projects whilst still present in academia.

Bob’s project taught me a lot more about people and a few things about After effects better to have problems and learn how to solve them than have no problems at all. In project treetop for Black North I  feel like I have accomplished more as I have conquered my fear of modelling and have learn’t a bit about a new software softimage. Thanks to various members of my class that listened to all my questions and answered them as best as they could I was able to show my potential from this project.

The end of the semester had no wine or beer which is unfortunate and not many people realised the reality that it could well be over a year before we see each other again. It’s a sad day and I can feel the boredom of the summer setting in already.

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