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Further Feedback Changes…

Last Thursday we had to show our animation to the class and receive feedback. Bob wen’t through the animation frame by frame and members of the class also contributed to things that we would need to change. We got of pretty light this time considered our feedback in the previous take on the animation was mountainous and difficult to do.

I do feel like we have really come along since our first set of feedback when we were told that our animation still looked like an animatic. This was a horrible thing to hear but at the same time it was true and it made us more determined over the last few days to get us from the bottom two teams into the top two teams.

In a way I preferred that we fell down early instead of on the final hurdle this then meant that we were able to spend the rest of our time clawing our way up to the top. The feedback was the drive and determination that we all needed and in some ways a rain check to get us into work mode.

The Feedback changes are as follows:

  • More stars on strings.
  • Camera Flashes.
  • Black Square in the milky way simulation needs removed.
  • Timing issues with sound need corrected.
  • Opacity of the city of stars buildings needs to be hidden.
  • The Andromeda image needs to be shown for longer and then fade.
  • The Distortion needs to be included again.
  • The camera in the Hubble scene needs to be larger.
  • ‘In the image above’ needs to be cut out of the script.
  • The character at the end needs to not move above as much reduce turbulent displace.

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