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The Hubble Infographic

The Hubble Infographic took a lot of time and effort to get looking this way I had a lot of things to change and although they sounded like simple changes initially I soon found out that I had no idea how to do a lot of them and therefore I needed to become Bob’s apprentice to learn more about my scenes.

I had to complete the following changes:

  • Stop missing animation opportunities. (Intro of the Infographic)
  • Fix the salmon line of the salmon half circle so that it was no longer drawn on by hand.
  • The atmosphere around the earth needs to include some form of distortion.
  • Everything needs to be centre aligned.
  • The earth needs to be made from a CC Sphere effect.
  • The earth must use a Photograph not a cartoon version.
  • Dotted line needs to be drawn on using a dash and radial wipe transition.
  • The word Hubble needs to rotate around the dotted line.
  • The Hubble telescope needs to be a photographic image not a cartoon version.

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