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City Of Stars – Edit

This is the first version of the city of stars scene and there is quite a few things wrong with this scene. Firstly it does not look 3D in anyway at first I thought I could make it 3D by turning the background layer into a 3D layer and then I could zoom the background out and then in to its normal position however this did not capture the 3D parallax effect that Bob was talking about.

In this scene I had animated the las vegas sign to come up from the ground but I had missed out on animation opportunities as I did not take advantage of the bulbs on the sign that I could have animated to flash on and off.

The way I had animated the stars to be visible and then show the outline this was wrong I needed to have the stars blended in with other stars so that they were there but quite hard to see the line would then draw on to the scene and the andromeda image would fade into the background.


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