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Ending Zoom – Scene

“We now know that many of these billions of stars have planets orbiting around them. Therefore there is an excellent chance that there are other planets that may support life. “

This was the final scene I had to animate and this involved a zoom out from a television with the previous scene in space which then zoomed out from the television to a room which is supposed to look like a granny flat. On the couch in the room are the two characters which are ironically sitting watching a program (our animation) about space.

In this scene you were originally meant to see a view of the television as if you were watching it yourself and the scene would then flip so that you are looking at the aliens face on however this was breaking the 180 rule and we decided not to go with it and that a zoom out from the TV would make more sense to the audience and they would still be able to see the characters this way.

The scene is animated in the following stages:

  • The planets orbiting around simulation was provided to me by Niall and I then had to include it in the television set.
  • I animated a zoom out from the television to the room and I had to ensure that the planets got smaller as the room got bigger.
  • The characters I have noticed just appear on the sofa which should  not happen the zoom should just show them already sitting on the chair and not just flicking onto the scene.
  • The Television is animated to go static which is done by using various different static images that I created in Photoshop.
  • The Zoom is done by using 3D layers not a camera as when I used a camera the entire scene went black and I could not figure out how to use it.

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