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In the first draft of our animation I took on the role of compositing as I wanted to contribute as much as I physically could to this project. At the time I knew that we were better to keep the software packages down to a minimum but we were not told not to use Premiere at all and this is usually what I use for comp and editing.

The reason for this is I have edited on a master layer before in After effects and learn’t very quickly that when there is a detail heavy scene and it includes comps inside more comps often it becomes very hard to run a RAM preview and in most cases my computer will not show me anything at all.  I also found out that as more comps are added the render time increases by the frame so at this time I thought we could use our weapon of choice.

Rebekah was kind enough to source some sound effects for me to add into premiere to give a little more feeling and meaning to our animation. After getting some of the rendered videos sent to me and chasing up other ones I was able to put together a final comp which then required stitching together and editing.

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 10.52.49


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