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Bob’s Project – Paragraphs

I know this may be a bit on the late side but at the start of the project we had been asked to write two paragraphs entailing what we could do on Bob’s project and also what we wanted to do. I done this on the day it was requested but it was never mentioned again and I wasn’t sure if it was required but I just wanted to include it on a blog post.

What I can do?

I am able to use after effects in order to animate and design environments, I have used after effects a lot in previous projects and I feel comfortable as well as enjoy using it I would be happy helping out others to learn the software. I have brief experience in Houdini and would like to be able to blow things up as and when required I am willing to learn tutorials on whichever asset is required for the project. I have worked with sound in GarageBand and would be able to do voice recordings and edit sound. I am also able to edit and composite footage together in premiere.

What do I want to learn?

I would like the opportunity to learn how to rotoscope in after effects as well as learn a lot more about Houdini as the software is my primary weapon of choice at present. I want to be able to combine what I learn about Arnold when rendering with Houdini. As I am still tutorial reliant with Houdini I would like to be able to complete more tutorials to create particular assets for the animation such as asteroid collisions and effects. I enjoy researching and would like to be able to find out information about the space theme and source what resources are already available to GCSE level students for the four topics of planetary motion, asteroids meteorites and comets, shape of the galaxy and structure of an atom in order to see what we are up and against and how we can make our animations better and more useful.


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