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Observatory – Scene

“The area of the sky could be covered with your thumbnail.  It is hard to imagine how many thumbnails are required to fill the whole sky!!”

This is the observatory scene that will include animation for the script above. The animation will start simply from the background and then the island will rise up from the ground the trees and observatory will then appear. The next part of the scene features a hand coming in and leaving thumb  prints on the sky the whole scene will then carry on to rise out of the frame and rocks will fall from the bottom of the island as it leaves the composition.

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 19.49.03


When animating this scene the first thing I had to do was change the background to the one I have created myself I then had to do the following:

  • Keyframe the island to move into the scene from the bottom.
  • Keyframe the trees and observatory to rise from the island.
  • Animate the thumb to come into the scene and press the background.
  • A thumbnail (fingerprint) will appear and will duplicate over the background.
  • The island will lift from the ground and move up out of the scene.
  • As the island is moving up rocks will fall from the dirty land.
  • The background will fade to a stary background.

This scene made use of 3D layers and the background has been changed to a live background that Cricky made for me to insert into the scene. At this stage I wasn’t sure how many thumbnails (fingerprints) I would need to include so I tried not to go over board. The observatory has come on little by little and is starting to look closer to the what I expected however I do find myself stretched for time to complete all of the scenes.


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