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Milkyway Introduction Zoom – Transition

‘The universe is populated by millions of galaxies. They take many forms (Fade in and fade out sequences of different galactic images.)’

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 19.39.51

In this scene the background from the initial introduction of the animation must be included and fade and then zoom into an image of the milkyway (inside cup simulation will replace this). This will happen in the inside of the cup and the animation for the following part of the script will take place.

“The Earth is in a galaxy called the Milky Way.  The galaxy is spiral shaped (include image)”

Niall has put his name down to create the simulation inside the cup which will appear to have the earth bobbing on the surface of the liquid. The liquid will then swirl in time with the script upon the line “The galaxy is spiral shaped” and we will then see our Milky Way. We are finding the transition for this scene quite difficult as we are going from space to a wooden coffee table and back into space and there hasn’t been an aesthetically pleasing way of doing this that we have come across yet.


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