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Galaxy Tour Bus – Scene

“The universe is populated by a huge number of stars, and it is very likely that some of them may support life.”

This previous version of this scene was shown to Bob and there was a few things that I needed to change in order to make this scene better they included the following changes:

  • More depth which has been added with use of asteroids/rocks and a mouldy old boot which make the scene appear to be less empty and bare like it was before.
  • The length of time it takes for the stars to fall has been increased.
  • A bob effect has been added to the spaceship navigating its way through the scene.
  • The background is now making use of 3D layers and it now has a pull in effects where it moves ever so slightly but is meant to pull the audience in towards the scene they are viewing.

Throughout the course of animating this scene I struggled with the 3D parallax effect and also with the squash and stretch that needed to be applied to the stars falling down form the strings.

The next video is of a plugin that me and Bob discussed about the falling strings had I been able to get this plugin it would have aided me massively in the animation of the stars on falling strings. The squash and stretch of the stars isn’t quite there yet. Below is a video of newton 2 the plugin for After Effects.





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