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Ulster Festival – Colin Williams Talk (Sixteen South)

This was a really awesome talk it was nice to have a local animation company come in and talk to us about how they got started and what they are up to at the minute. The whole talk was amazing and we even got a stick of rock and a business card it doesn’t get much better than that.

Here are some pointers of the notes I have been taking throughout the course of the talk :

  • Responsibility of interesting content.
  • Positive stories.
  • Love doing it/ love money
  • “All about the content”
  • Perfection not it will do.
  • 85 people in Production.
  • Made in Belfast.
  • 26 episodes in March and another 26 episodes later.
  • Featured in Kidscreen magazine.
  • Photomontage world – Lily’s world.
  • Across the way – made from finds.
  • First full length animated show.
  • 2D, Driftwood Bay.
  • Story, Heart and Creative.
  • Genesis of an idea – “Theres a new adventure washed ashore every day”
  • Pajanimals.
  • Sixteen South has been around for 6 years.
  • “Has to be organic”
  • Not manipulate in Photoshop.

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