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Ulster Festival – Sandra Scott Talk

What you get is a lot more than you see – Behind the images – 

The Sandra Scott talk was a very very interesting talk and it defiantly shed some light on what the big bad world is actually like.  Sandra Scott is a producer from Atomic Fiction and she has worked with Greg in the past the talk was about her journey and how she got to where she is today and how her two colleagues got to where they are today however it seems like a pot luck story in their case.

  • Every month send snippets of work to a company with a cover letter pleading to work there.
  • Atomic fiction colleagues Kevin Baillie and Ryan Tudhope.
  • Relationship & Trust = repeat clientele.
  • Money, Passion & Talent.
  • Scene based production – Animation
  • Shot based production – VFX

Making it easy – 

  • No problems only solutions
  • Story telling team – Become part of it, integrate and collaborate, like everything.
  • Clear concise, consistent communication.
  • Client always needs to know whats going on.
  • Ease of use/shot sharing and collaboration with other companies.
  • Fast intelligent ingest and delivery.
  • Adaptable naming conventions.
  • Seamless workflow integrated into our clients needs.

What do they love? – 

  • Unrelenting service attitude.
  • What do you need.
  • How can we help.
  • Lets make it better.
  • Enthusiasm.

How to make it in a rebatable world – 

  • Challenges running a studio
  • Most for your pounds and migrate risks.
  • Adaptable, flexible, cloud based.
  • Chasing the rebate pound.

Where do producers come from? –

  • Advertising and commercials.
  • Meeting with producers.
  • Production assistant, Graphics.
  • Move around companies and get as much experience as you can.






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