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Shot List & Asset Sweep

After establishing our new storyboard we then had to work out what would be in each shot and how these shots would transition based on the feedback provided by Bob.  Once we worked out what was happening in each shot in the shot list we used our storyboard for reference in order to do this we then worked on the asset sweep which entailed working out which assets would be required for each shot and got to work in creating the assets.  The asset sweep was used to put down team members initials so that we would know who was working on that particular asset.

Another task that we still have to follow up on is the V/O (voiceover) that Kris Crockard is going to provide for us again as there were a few things we would like to correct from the first test. We have been able to establish that we have an average four seconds per shot however i’m not sure if each shot will need to be four seconds or if some will be longer than others but this will be established once we have the final V/O which is going to be done preferably tomorrow if possible based on the availability of our voice man.



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