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Scene Three – Galaxy Tour Bus

In the third scene there is a galaxy tour bus navigating through space obviously giving a wee tour to some on board silhouettes. I have moved into animation and am asset building on the side but I feel my skills lye with animating. In this scene four strings will fall from the roof of the scene and drop down four cardboard cut out stars that will remain on scene after the fall. Meanwhile the tour bus will continue to fly across the scene and there will be a photograph flash included as the tour bus is passing the stars.

The assets in this scene such as the stars were created by Niall and the tour bus was created by Cricky. This scene has been taking me quite some time and has been the pain of my life due to the strings that the stars are falling from. I sen’t what I have for this scene so far to Bob who provided me with some feedback :

  • Increase the depth
  • Include Parallax effect with background and foreground content
  • Include a camera move

What was surprising for me was the strings were actually okay after tearing my hair out over them the strings have a comedy effect to them as spoken by the Bob therefore i’m happy enough to continue on.



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