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Scene Six – City Of Stars

This scene was quite a tricky one as I wen’t about it the hardest way possible. As I created the dots and lines in photoshop each individual line was a layer however the problems came about when I pulled the PSD into a new comp in After effects. I wen’t on to animate each line appearing one by one using 0 – 100% opacity and no matter what I done I could not get all of the animation to fit within 4 seconds I even pushed it to 5 seconds and still couldn’t fit it all in even though it did look good it just wasn’t going to work out.

Due to my timing issue I then consulted with my team and found out about an amazing feature known about masking which Bob had used and I didn’t know would work for this sort of thing. After watching a quick tutorial I was able to animate the scene in about 20 minutes compared to the enormous amount of the time spent on the previous trial run.

This scene works in the way of kids dot to dot and features the city (of stars) being drawn before the audiences eyes. There will also be a wooden sign that will appear that will show the 200 billion star fact however I need to gather up that asset first.

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