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Meeting The Client….

Meeting the client was quite a scary thing to do as we met them and presented our work straight to them so we haven’t yet got to sit and discuss with them as a group what they like and what they hope to see from our animation. We are trying our best to work to the script and create something beautiful even though the clients did provide us with some feedback it was while we were standing up at the front of the room quite flustered and without our notebooks.

A box of spiders was then thrown into the room and there was a change up of teams on the basis of what people decided they wanted to do the choices were we could stay and work on Bob’s project or we could work on the project for Black North called Finn In the Forest.

I decided to stay with Bob’s project with Galaxies however even though it was nice to have a choice of what we wanted to do as we were already half way through a project I felt like I did not want to abandon my team and leave behind unfinished business. Our team was then merged with the other Galaxies team and we now have a team of Cricky, Rebekah, Niall and myself. This has provided us with the means to have a fresh start in a way with what we already know so that we can create an animation to the clients specifications.


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