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Late Night Compositing…

Last Week on Wednesday night the team stayed in uni until 2am working on the animatic that was due for Thursday. As we had a lot to do and we had embarked on a complete storyboard revamp in order to make a better animatic we needed to basically start from scratch on the creation of the digital storyboards. Myself and Fiona had the role of creating the storyboards whilst Kristian worked on editing current boards as well as animating them. The sound job was worked on by Rebekah who sourced sounds effects and timed them to the animation.

We had a rough V/O done that turned out to be a bit too long coming in at around 2 minutes and 38 seconds when our animatic was required to be only 2 minutes so this became a bit of a sticky issue when it came to timing. I then had the role of compositing the storyboards together as well as putting the final V/O on to the animatic. The volume of work was our problem on Wednesday and everything we had to do was not challenging in a way but extremely time consuming.



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