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Creating The New Storyboards – Brainstorm, Digitally

This is our second storyboard draft achieved through knocking our heads together with a whiteboards and a few markers. Myself, Fiona and Rebekah worked on the new storyboard adapting it to the feedback so that we could create a animatic which would suit the clients requirements more and making it more in line with Bob’s style.

Not all of the storyboard needed to be completely changed however we were able to keep some imagery from the previous animatic and edit it to the requirements however some of the imagery just did not work at all. As we worked on the new digital storyboards some of the boards were animated by Kristian and Fiona in order to show the client how things could move in the real animation.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The images below are the storyboards that I have created and edited in order to make our animatic in order to ensure I was on the right path I then forwarded my work onto Fiona who done a clean up on it and progressed on to the next set of storyboards. The storyboards were made in Photoshop and then composited together in Premiere Pro. I am a lot happier this time around with the work flow I was able to get my hands on and I feel more so like part of the team for this half of the project. 


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