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Feedback – Galaxies

A lot of our feedback was what I expected it to be as me and Rebekah had been assigned to editing. The style we used involved quirkiness and colour however this did not go along with the style that Kristian had consistently used during the course of the storyboard production which was a personal style.

Our feedback involved working on our transitions and fixing the mixture of styles throughout the storyboards. We were also warned about some of the animation not making sense and how we had spent to much time on small segments of the script and neglected the larger parts. We discussed the plexus and trapcode plugins during the pitch and we were told not to spend too much on time on this which I was glad to hear as this was originally a task I had been asked to do but wanted more of a part in the production of the storyboards which ended with editing.

We need to be more direct with our script and create a 2 minute animatic for next Thursday. We have also been advised to look into the following:

  • Sound effects
  • Voice over
  • Camera Movements
  • Timing
  • Collage Style
  • For-shadowing

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