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Black North

Today has been a very busy day and Kris Kelly from Black North animation studios came in to give us a talk on Black North and what they do. Kris also had two projects to offer the class which were Children Of Geometry and Finn In The Forest we have the opportunity to work on these projects in the animation pipeline and I am interested in looking into using SoftImage as Greg informed me that it has a node based network for special effects built into it which pretty much sold it to me.

I really enjoyed the talk that Kris gave us and we are now faced with the decision of working on the Space Cadets projects for Bob or the COG and Finn in the Forest for Black North or both I have not yet made my decision as I don’t want to take too much of a bite and overwhelm myself but I do like the idea of Black North and perhaps even getting my first credit which would be awesome.

Today in class I realised the competition is a reality and I must say I don’t like it the idea of everyman for himself and people fighting to get opportunities it makes my soul want to wither and die. This has got me wondering does everyone feel the same way. I have noticed that my downfall is I don’t believe I can do anything and there are those in the class that do and they are the ones that are growing in success.

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