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Space Bruce

I thought this was a cracking wee animation. The style is a bit different than what me and Fiona talked about but I love this wee astronaut Bruce which is cool as we had talked about having a character interpret our story almost like a tour guide accompanying the learner the whole way through the process however the character we had in mind was a lot simpler but this animation still has inspirational designs through out it which could be of massive help to us.

As Bruce is used as a tour guide through this animation in this beautiful animated world we started thinking about what if we could have a character in our animation to help carry some of the weight of our story and would the audience be more intrigued if there was an experience of a character learning his way around Galaxies as well? The feeling of not being alone in something tends to make people more interested and warms people up to the idea of a story or in our case a lesson a bit faster.

Perhaps if we included a space academic or a famous person that has had an experience in space the educator role of a character would be a nice touch to the learning process.


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