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Point Cloud – GIF’s, Onformative Project

When we were working on Wednesday Kristian came across some animated GIF’s known as point cloud’s I have been looking into tutorials in order to find out how to do this I would prefer to try it in Houdini but After Effects works for me too. We weren’t aware what these pretty little things were until conann approached us in a passing and said about how awesome the point clouds were. Fiona is particularly interested in point clouds and was able to show us some pretty cool videos on vimeo of how they are used in the industry and that not every point cloud is an animated GIF.

The problem with the tutorial I have found so far is that it requires the trapcode plugin for after effects with is over $400 for academic purposes so me may have to find an alternative. In this post I have included some examples of point clouds the Galaxy point cloud is especially interesting to us and is quite beautiful in its simplicity.


These are the point cloud videos that were shown to us by Fiona they show a point cloud created by a company known as onformative this company got a dancer and got her to dance to a track in which they recorded her movements using a kinect the purpose of this was to create a moving sound sculpture. Below are videos that show the end product of this project and the making of for further information. I am really interested in this kind of thing and would have liked to have had the time and equipment to experiment with something like this.


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