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Galactic Imagery Research….

The universe is populated by millions of galaxies. They take many forms

(Fade in and fade out sequences of different galactic images.)

This is the reason behind the research of the galactic images I am interested to see what kind of images are available and locating some inspirational photographs that could either be used or drawn from for our animation.

Colour becomes a big thing when looking at Galaxies as the colour chart seems to have been lost by nasa the colour schemes that Galaxies get away with are positively awesome and there is no label on some of the visuals that these pieces of nature create for themselves. I wanted to try and get my hands on as many visuals as possible in order to have an open mind for the experimentation that I am embarking on.

I am hoping that we will take advantage of the beautiful galaxies we have to offer in order to tell the story if we could as they are so beautiful and it would seem such a waste not to seize and opportunity like this.

Images sourced from:

La NASA publie de nouvelles images des confins de l’univers


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