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Abstract Spirals, Style

The Images in the gallery above are a selection of abstract galaxies that I found while researching online. I have been able to look through and find a selection of the best ones that suit what we are going to be doing either that or they are just inspirational. I have also provided the links for each of the images below at the bottom of the post.

Abstract is a style I would at least like to be able to experiment with although I don’t know how relevant abstract will be when it comes to our animation as we don’t quite know where we are going yet. The ambiguity of this project has been difficult even this early on as we are unaware of what kind of style the client wants so for the meantime we are just going for what we think looks nice which could be a dangerous thing to do.

Conann is getting us used to ambiguity as out in the big bad world we will have clients that will be very vague on what they want and we will have to come up with a lot of it on our own so this is good but I must admit difficult practice.

Abstract Galaxy

Abstract Connecting Web Wallpaper

30+ Cool Collection of Abstract Wallpapers

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