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Client Project – Galaxies

Yesterday we were put into our teams in class and the rather dreaded leaders selected their team out of the bunch this reminded me of the fat kid in netball because I was the fat kid in netball that always got picked last. Well this time I was picked near the end so that was a slight difference I ended up in a really good team with Kristian, Rebekah and Fiona. There are four projects available to choose from and the one we wanted was Galaxies so we had to get up and say why we wanted it and now prepare for a pitch on Thursday 20th February as more than one team requested the Galaxies project so we are now in competition to get it.

A few members of the team jumped in and got their feet wet straight away but I decided to procrastinate vigoursly and hold of until today. This morning I came in and have been discussing with my group what is going on and have embarked into some research based on the break down of the scrip that Rebekah and Fiona have been working on.

I am excited to be part of a team again and be able to dive down into the unknown to create something beautiful if we get the project I have located a fantastic tutorial at a price of £36 however I am not investing until we know if we are getting the Galaxies project so it shall remain in limbo until then but we have found it on the following website:


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This entry was posted on February 12, 2014 by in Client Project, Creative Solutions, Galaxies.
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