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Arnold – Standard Material Presets

This an image from the solid angle website that shows a series of eight balls with all different textures applied to them. I wanted to try and get the hang of these ai standard materials with certain presets as my studio lighting tutorial wasn’t going that well yet. I had to use the material library and take a wild guess of what each balls material was and then create the set and apply the materials and use whichever relevant material settings from the material library.


Image sourced from:     10/02/2014

Here is my attempt so far at the materials trial and I have got some of the materials correct however work is still required to get them looking perfect however I have established that each ball uses the following materials :

  1. Gold – edited to silver
  2. Metallic Car Paint
  3. Chrome
  4. Ceramic
  5. Glass
  6. Silk Matte Plastic
  7. Incandescent Bulb
  8. Soft Plastic

The following link leads to the arnold material library.

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 15.14.08


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