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Conclusion on Creative Strategies

The duration of the creative strategies has had its ups and downs things got really interesting when we were all challenged with what we would actually want to work as. Like anybody else I had no idea I had no idea what I was good at yet that is still a foggy question now but I do know what I like.

When it got to the stage in the module where each of the project tables was split into a job role in the animation pipeline this is where things got interesting for me each person had to move around the tables 3 times each for a 2 week duration to create new and interesting things.  For my first week I decided to do interaction design as I always find interaction fun the project also featured live action which i’m not that familiar with but I thought never say never and did it. After 2 outcomes of interaction design were created when I was on the Pingster team I was hit with a period of illness however when I came back I wanted to try out a software called Houdini that is often used in the pipeline of a VFX artist so I went there and done another 2 week period here. After that two weeks was up I had the opportunity to move on to another job role but I had barely got my feet wet so I decided to stay another 2 weeks with Houdini and see what I can achieve.

So far I have had a great semester in uni and am looking forward to coming back and seeing what the next challenges are but i’m pleased with the body of work I have created and of the few Houdini outcomes I have managed to create as of yet i’m torn between the waterfall and the crashing columns but hopefully I can make something positively awesome that outweighs them all. Even though I will have other work to do I defiantly hope that the new semester will have room for Houdini.


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