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Rendering Attempts – Flip fluids Waterfall

Okay so rendering the waterfall is tending to be extremely problematic I have discovered I just about have enough computer power to pull of rendering a fluid simulation however other than the technology my biggest issue has been getting water to look like real water not like a grey tar or a gooey blue mess. I have screenshots that I am going to include of some of the terrible rendering images I have been getting but I am glad to say that my waterfall is now rendering out as I type and is looking pretty awesome.

At first I thought this was pretty cool but then I looked at it a little longer and realised that water is not bright blue and it does not look like hair gel. The particles in the scene even had motion blur even when motion blur was turned off all in this was a bit of a blooper.

The other issues I had were with the water appearing like a grey sludge. The final render now features clear water however the background is grainy in places due to rendering issues.

After all the effort of trying to get the render setting correct for my waterfall my main problem was with the refraction index. I tuned the refraction settings constantly playing about with them in order to get the most aesthetically pleasing look.

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In the image below is my refraction index with all of the refraction settings included. I noticed that as I decreased the values my waterfall moved away from that sludgy grey appearance to a clear water which is what I wanted. I asked around as to why my waterfall looked so grey and was pointed towards the refraction index which solved my problem of horrible renders. Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 18.49.23


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