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Flip Fluids Waterfall – Clean up Process…

This part of the tutorial instructed me on how to do a cleanup of my waterfall which at this stage needs to be rendered. As you can see from the images below there is a node called RENDER what I need to do is shake this node which disconnects it from the network I then need to move the node over to the other side of the network and connect it to a node called file1.

This part of the tutorial was quite confusing as one thing I have noticed that in the lecturers network there are many node with different names than mine and the names have either been edited offscreen or this is another version issue as encountered before.

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I return to my object level in the network view and create a geometry node. I then re name this node to be called Spray_Geo. Re naming a node is done by double clicking on the text to the right of the node and typing in whatever you wish.

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When I go down into the Spray_Geo node I have created I notice that it has a file1 node in it by default at present I do not need this so I can click on the node and press backspace to delete it from my network view.Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 16.10.39Now that I have deleted the file node he next stage is to create a Dop import node I done this by using the tab menu pressing tab and typing in dop and selecting then placing the Dop Import node onto the network view. Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 16.12.38Now that the Dop Import node is in the network view I click on it to bring up the settings/parameters I then use the icon to the far right of the DOP Network parameters to open the choose operator window as shown below and navigating down t o SpraySim and clicking on the export relative path check box and pressing accept. Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 16.13.04Remaining on the Dop Network parameters I navigate down to the Import style parameter and change it from the default Transform Inout Geometry to Fetch Geometry from DOP Network which means the DOP network is fetching the geometry from the operator I previously selected. Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 16.13.45The next stage is to create a box node using the tab menu an typing in box and placing the node the next stage is to resize this box around my geometry in the scene view as shown in the images below.

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I then need to create a delete node by using the tab menu and then proceeding with connecting this delete1 node to the previous dopimport1 node.

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I move on to create a group node shown in the network view here as group1 I then connect this node to the delete1 node to the group1 node I also connect the delete1 node to the box1 node as shown in the slideshow below.

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When selected on the group1 node I click to the far right box and click on this to turn on the visibility I change the entity type from primitives to points. Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 16.25.21The next thing I do when selected on the group1 node is I use the create tab and navigate down to the bounding tab and click on it I can then enabled this bounding as shown in the image below. Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 16.25.40Still in the bounding box tab in the group1 settings I need to change the bounding type from bounding box to bounding object (points only). I then need to click on the delete1 node to bring up its settings and change the entity settings from primitives to points.

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I select the delete1 node and name the Group field to group1, The next thing I do is change the Operation type from delete selected to delete non – selected.

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