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Flip Fluids Waterfall – What was achieved…

The following things were achieved in the creation of the flip fluid waterfall.

  • Built a landscape.
  • Created an emitter.
  • Built a dynamics network using an flip fluid solver.
  • Made a couple of adjustments using a mountain sop and a vop sop.
  • Wrote out the geometry to disk and separated it out in useful chunks.
  • Built a spray simulation and done a clean up on the simulation.

This is an example of the object level in the network view of the nodes I have created each with networks inside them to control the flip fluid waterfall.Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 16.28.49

Here is a video of my waterfall in its previs state however you may notice that it plays pretty slowly my laptop cannot handle the full glory of Houdini at this stage.

Here is a quicker version of my waterfall in its full glory I may have just did a quicktime screen recording of another screen recording and pulled the timeline along to speed the play up however this is only a few of my 240 frames worth of waterfall simulation that I am going to move on to render.


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