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Houdini – Tweaking The Asset & Characters

This is when the tutorial starts to get good Im not gonna lie I had skipped through the tutorial before starting just to see what I was in for and this is the part that I have been looking forward to.

What I had to do here was open the Display options that are indicated by an eye icon alongside the right hand side of the scene view itself. I was looking for an option that changed my lighting to High quality but whenever I used it my scene turned white which was the opposite effect that it had in the tutorial video. In my display options the high quality lighting option is in a totally different location so it could be something to do with version differences. High_QualityLighting2

Gladly as I have been progressing my teapot is starting to look more and more like a teapot through the changes I have been making in the scene. It seems to be when my teapot is displayed in lego form not just a cube it appears to look even less so like a teapot which I suppose is true in real life as lego objects look close to what there supposed to but not in a totally realistic way. Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 15.12.14

This is the bit I have been waiting for a character! at last teapots can get pretty boring after staring at them for so long. Houdini comes with a pre modelled and rigged character which I can just simply put into position and animate. Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 15.13.17

In the images below you can see a series of movements that I undertook when moving the character around into the correct position it gets even better what I did next.

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