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Houdini – Building The UI (Brickify Tool Asset)

This part of the tutorial involves a lot of playing about with parameters and the all important operator type properties window which I have had nothing but problems with. Pretty much what os happening with this window is whenever I open it and make a change I must hit the apply button when I am finished but the apply button is somewhere in space and time outside my screen and requires a lot of playing about with the screen setting to get the button visible.

In the image below I begin with opening the dreaded operator properties window by right clicking on the Brickify node and scrolling down to the bottom until I see the option and then click.Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 12.06.20 This is the operator type properties window at first when the window is opened it is displaying the Basic tab but at this stage I require the parameters tab open so that I may work on creating my own interface for the Brickify tool.

Whilst at this stage I highlighted the Transform and the subnet folders and went over to the display on the right and clicked on the invisible option so that my UI is instantly a little less crowded and easier to work with.

Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 12.06.58

With the operator parameters window still open I needed to navigate to the brickify node and click into it to view the parameters the image below shows what the Brickify UI looks like at the moment and you will notice the difference as I begin to edit it. Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 12.07.42

Previously in the tutorial I had created a switch my task now is the bring the parameters of the switch into the operator properties window to do this I grabbed the select input button as shown on the right and pulled it into the operator properties window onto the root file like shown below.

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This is a preview of what the UI now looks like as I have a switch included I am able to switch between my two object just like that.

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