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Houdini – Nodes & Networks




In Houdini anything you do by using the tools in the shelf and using the scene view can also be achieved by using the network view which is shown in the image below. This is the network at present of the brickify tool that I am creating as a digital asset.

I am going to talk about what some of the things are in this network to hopefully shed some light on networks. As you know I started with the creation of a platonic object which I then turned in a utah teapot this is defined as the platonic1 node the node with the utah teapot geometry type is platonic_object1_xform1.

There is not a switch in this network with allows me to change between my created geometry in order to view different geometry in the brickify effect I will talk more about this later on.

The reference null is an object with set parameters that I can call from when coding expressions in order to use the same parameters on the geometry I require it.

box1 is the bounding box that surrounds my teapot with the edit of resizing applied in the edit1 node. The group1 node is whenever I grouped my geometry and bounding box together to make them as one.

blast1 node enables the deletion of anything that is not selected by points within the bounding box and this is the part I am worried about as mine is not the same as the tutorial.

The final box2 and copy1 nodes provide a copy of the template that has been created using the blast node above them. Whenever I pull nodes into the network view I am able to link them up by pulling the little (tail, string) that comes from them to another node.

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 13.08.47




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