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Wrecking Ball – Houdini Blooper

Originally I had hid the sphere that impacts the columns from plain sight when rendering out the simulation but I couldn’t get that damm song wrecking ball out of my head by Miley Cyrus which was what I could hear in my head anytime I previewed the simulation with the ball in it.  I have decided to make a wrecking ball edit of my simulation for a bit of a giggle.

A positive thing did come from this while watching the simulation in Houdini I could not work out why the sphere was not correctly impacting with the columns to cause a domino effect and my columns were crashing to the ground as if there was an earthquake this was because my ball was impacting my ground plane before it collided with the columns which made the columns collapse in style.


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This entry was posted on December 11, 2013 by in Creative Experimentation, Creative Strategies, Houdini, Special/Visual Effects and tagged .
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