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VFX Summit – Dublin, Ireland

On Saturday I was lucky enough to be one of the 10 that were able to get free tickets to attend the VFX summit in Dublin, we had a great day however it was extremely long most of us had been up from 5am and the summit was on until 6pm that evening with travel still ahead of us after that.

The day involved a series of talks on various aspects of visual effects the talks that I attended were :

Introduction to the VFX Summit  – William Sargent C.E.O Framestore (UK)

Nuke & Gravity + Q&A – Anthony Smith Framestore (UK)

Python & VFX + Q&A – William Hall MPC

Houdini & Man Of Steel + Q&A – Gavin Graham Double Negative

Panel discussion with : Gareth Lee, Greg Maguire, Gavin Graham, William Sargent, Keith Foran and James Morris.

The day was jam packed with information and we learned a lot however we did have to miss the odd talk to get some food and be human. When we did get a break we started to mingle and talk to potential employers some people got email address to send there work on and some of the companies didn’t take interns at all which was disheartening. After the summit we all hit the stag’s head for a pint of guinness that soon turned into three. All in it was a fantastic day and I have decided that I want to become a Houdini wizard so I have been in contact with Nathan Mateer  from Jam media in hope that I can seek his guidance. The talk by Gavin Graham Double Negative really sold it to me so for the next 2 weeks I am going to learn Houdini.





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