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Animating in After Effects – Interaction Design

The animation in After effects was pretty good and entertaining with no problems until the very end. What I had to do here for the first scene was create a zoom from the main icon so there was more room on the canvas to show the other icons appear one after the other this proved difficult with timing as I didn’t want the scene to look too busy. This was a pretty long part of the project at times we forgot that we only had to weeks to do this and we managed to make a pretty cool animation in the end that shows the journey of a pingster.

During animation I discovered how to categorise the assets by colour and position which made the entire process faster after I discovered this I soon informed Fiona. During one of my tutorials in the previous Pingster project with kinetic typography I learned about 3D layers so we used them in this animation for zooms etc to make it look like some of the assets were approaching the user.

Towards the end of the animating stage when I was trying to render out the films as some scenes had been stretched when I rendered out even in H.264 the quality was horrible so I had to take of the stretch and do this part in Premiere by duplicating parts of the scene.

While still in after effects when it got to the stage were we thought we were finished me and Fiona swapped our scenes and worked with each others to tweak them as close to perfection as we could get.

The screenshots below show some of the processes I went through when using after effects :

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