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Animatic Experimentation..

Today I have been experimenting with three different storyboards making them into animatics. I had to take pictures of each story board and then transfer the photographs from my phone to my laptop, I then had to pull the images into Photoshop to brighten them and crop them down to size. After putting the stills together in iMovie, The next stage was experimenting with music and I asked Cricky and Christian for some tunes to add onto the animatics here are the results.

At present the favourite for me is Christians storyboard and the music he found for it, I like the tune I found for my storyboard but it is quite weird so I might give it a miss for now anyway.

The good thing about all the three of the animatics is that each song choice is ideal for the individual storyboard and they are very close with timing just by pure fluke. Another that thing that we no longer have to worry about is copyright of the music as all the animatics are 30 seconds or less.

Animatic One :

Animatic Two :

Animatic Three :


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