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In order to get myself up to speed on how this project has evolved I was able to get my team members blogs and have a look at what they’ve been up to all this time. I have found some pretty interesting research as well as sketches in each members books that I was able to view.

Aubery Beardsley & Harry Clarke – The Daehyun Kim ‘Moonassi Drawings’ that Christian had been looking at are very interesting and are examples of beings and things merged together into one but you can still tell whats going on. Conaan had mentioned that his drawings were similar to that of Aubery Beardsley & Harry Clarke so i’m going to have a little look into that and see what I can find.

Dave Razor, Fingered – Due to the innuendo in the title of this video I certainly had a good chuckle this video showed hands and fingers and all sorts being merged together like a kaleidoscope. These kind of images could make an interesting loop for a vine video.

Brendan Monroe – This is an artist mentioned on Christian’s blog that paints all different coloured and shaped forms to create very strange but interesting and colourful images.

Nuance – A video on Christian’s blog that showed an artist dancing with all different types of light which was really really cool it reminds of the music video ft Cheryl Cole Heartbreaker that shows the artists dancing with light. The idea of rhythm and light was also talked about which I found really really interesting.

Full Turn, 3D Light Sculptures – Full Turn 3D sculptures put me in mind of what Cricky is experimenting with at the minute in maya. The lighting and theme of these sculptures is lovely and this is the kind of thing we want to portray in our animation.

Box – This was a piece on projection mapping that Christian also found and I found it interesting how it was done.

Internet SensationsĀ – Whilst I was on Cricky’s blog I was able to find out some information about the top ten Vine videos and the likes of the Harlem Shake was mentioned all ideas that really took of and could do with us looking into later on in the process.

Trickster – Becoming the trickster and making people think that they are about to watch something else but really they are watching our animation was something that Cricky was thinking about which I think is quite clever but could be classed as interruption marketing.

Cymatics – This is a live action project that is featured on Christian’s blog which I found really interesting.

Muse – Visual representations that the song title could represent is a method of researching that Rachel tried out that I found really cool. The next time I get stumbled with research I may try it out.


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