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Our Idea – Wishful Thinking..

This is the idea that we are going to use and it will feature a character and this character will find a genie in a bottle but theres a catch it represents the meaning of are people in our generation too greedy? The catch is simple whenever the character wishes for something it may not be exactly what he meant in a way this would be punishment for being too greedy for example the puns included would be :

The character wishes for an apple macbook however he will be granted with an apple called mac. This gives the warning of be careful what you wish for in a way another example is they wish for a macbook air bit instead they get a container filled with air, Perhaps they wish for a hot chick they will get a chick on fire. The last example was wishing for a hot dog and they will literally get a hot dog nothing else.

Higgly town Hero’s was mentioned of a way of creating the characters and they would take on a russian doll appearance. Making the characters like this would give us the opportunity to demonstrate the squash and stretch principles we have learned.

The animation will have simple backgrounds and would be inspired by the environments in the ¬†‘Blip’ video on youtube.

Feature image sourced from :


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