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How to promote your film online..

I was able to find some useful tips on how to promote a film you are going to make even if it just is an animated short. One vital piece of information I found out was that you need to start accommodating for marketing strategies at the pre production stage not just when your done.

The various ways to do this are to create a blog, posters, banners , a Facebook page/group etc and it means that people can follow the story from the beginning instead of jumping in at the end it also means that people know what is to come.

Another way of marketing a short could be to create a teaser trailer that would make people want find out more for example the flash advertising used in the Hunger Games marketing strategy were people could follow the hash tag and see what district they would be in had they been in the hunger games.  Im only noticing now that this was all done pre production for the hunger games as these flash advertisements were used before the Hunger Games movie was out, they were being used to promote it.











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How To Promote Your Film Online


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