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Animation… The Facts

What is Animation?  – Animation is a series of motions and the brain and the human eye makes it works, animation itself is a trick.

What is Persistence of vision? – Persistence of vision is a blend of what is happening now and what happened a fraction of a second ago which gives us the ability to perceive a sequence of frames as a continuous moving picture. It is a lie…

What is a frame? – A frame is a perception of something within that frame and contains what you are looking at. The rule of thirds applies when taking a photograph or capturing a moving picture.

Frame rate? – Frame rate is the rate that the sequences move and is as follows:

  • 25 fps in the UK
  • 30 fps in the USA
  • 60 fps in a video game
  • 64 fps for slow motion
  • 24fps for Kung Fu scenes.

Eadweard Muybridge – Created the first motion picture of the horse running this was simply an experiment to see if horses used all four legs while running.





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