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Random Changes

In our animation we came across random changes that needed to be fixed for example when we re rendered scene 5+6 the oven door was not closed tight and there was light getting out so we had to go and re render it again. There was also the issue of the cupcake in the food mixer could be seen within the bowl after we re rendered it so it had to be pulled into photoshop and the gaps painted in.

Various scenes also had to be extended and we had an extra 24 frames to play with since scene for had to be removed so we spread it out here and there throughout the 360 frames. The cherry coming towards the screen at the end is not as fast and we also slowed down the jump scene and the mutation so that the important parts are captured fully.

Final changes me made to the animation were there needed to be a bubbling sound effect so that was added as well as a special thanks image and transition at the end of the credits.

Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 10.57.01


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