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Changes – Camera Angle & Animation Scene 5 & 6

In scene 5 we had the cupcake leap from the oven and then head butt the oven door it then moved on to scene six and the cupcake leaped from the oven door into the food mixer bowl however we decided to merge these two scenes together so technically this is scene fix  (five + six = fix.)

The cupcake in scene fix had to be re animated to mutate then jump at the door so there was more notice of the impact. The camera angle was also changed to follow the cupcake and zoom out as he mutates. In the next part of this scene as the cupcake is jumping towards the mixing bowl instead of it being from the side of the cupcake it now comes from the opposite side and looks as if it is going over the shoulder of the baker. More of the bakery is also seen this way as well.

Old Version –  Scene 5

Old Version – Scene 6

New Scene 5 + 6 :




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