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Scene One – The Oven

When animating the oven door to open we thought hmm something else needs to happen here so we decided to make the oven light up like well an oven. We wanted an orange coloured light that would need to be quite intense and this light would only come on when the oven door was closed. I key framed the oven door and added limitations so that it could only go so far and then after the last keyframe where the oven door was shut I key framed the light to go from intensity 0 to 1 which made it look as if the oven door was acting as a switch for the light.

However after some trial and error we discovered that we did not leave time for the oven door to close again in our story which then meant the cupcake could not head bash it open. Therefore we done away with the door opening and closing and settled for the light would come on as the camera zoomed in and the door would open after being head bashed by the cupcake.


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